Our Products

Tech is at the core of our business, we show that in our innovative product offerings converting real time data to simplified visuals.
Enhance your skills and experience a whole new and exciting level while trading complex markets.

With products that pack a powerful punch using unique algorithms and compelling visuals
FX Labs + is the leading provider of compelling visual interfaces for the trading world

Our amazing and visually stimulating apps  give an amazing experience to see complex data move in simpler format.

Our indicators combine volatile data with simplified graphics to bring you the best of the markets and help you to take trading decisions quickly and easily


Our Web explorers give you a trader dashboard experience like never before. In volatile markets, access to the fastest, most in-depth data is essential to gain an edge.


What We Do

Simplified and unique presentation for decision making

Innovative financial market tools and indicators

Cutting - edge technology and algorithmic trading

Stunning visual data movement